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Updated 5:30 PM - All games on all fields are playing or restarting immediately

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2015 will mark the 33rd annual Tournament of Champions. For the last seven years BENTON has become the Home of the TOC, the event has brought in over 200 teams over the Memorial Day weekend.

How to Get In Touch with ToC Leadership Team?

ToC Leadership

Jeremy MahanTournament Director(229) 891-8682
Daniel McBayUmpire in Charge(501) 472-0865
Tim BennettAdvisor to Tournament(501) 416-7963
Jeremy StovallAdvisor to Tournament(501) 517-4752

BYSA Leadership

Jonathan WoolbrightPresident(501) 249-7868
Duffy MattoxVice President(501) 240-9930

BAA Leadership

Rick BrownPresident(501) 920-9616
Michael CattonVice President(501) 831-9928
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