BYSA Baseball

  • 14 Year Old AA USSSA State

    Updated 2:30 PM - Seeds 14 through 19 WILL play Saturday evening starting around 8:00 - 8:30 PM

    14 AA USSSA State Schedule

    At the high school field: Mizuno 1, Blacksox 1 Final

Important Message

Updated 7:45 PM - Games 9 and 10 will begin at 8 AM Saturday. Schedules will be updated by 9:00 tonight

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ToC Leadership

Daniel McBayUmpire in Charge(501) 472-0865
Tim BennettAdvisor to Tournament(501) 416-7963

BYSA Leadership

Jonathan WoolbrightPresident(501) 249-7868
Duffy MattoxVice President(501) 240-9930

BAA Leadership

Rick BrownPresident(501) 920-9616
Michael CattonVice President(501) 831-9928
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