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Directions to Bernard Holland Park

New to our park?  Not sure how to get there or which field to go to once you’re there?  With this park guide, you’ll be set.

Getting to the Park

Bernard Holland park is west of Airlane Drive on the south side of Interstate 30 in Benton. Click the image below for a static map of how to get to the park.

  • Coming from the southwest on Interstate 30 (purple), leave the Interstate at Exit 116 (Sevier St.).  Follow the access road for about half of a mile and then turn right on Airlane Road.
  • Coming from the northeast on Interstate 30 (blue), leave the Interstate at Exit 116 (Sevier St.) and after you’ve driven under the overpass, curve to the right onto the overpass.  After driving the length of the overpass, veer right and then turn left onto the access road.  Turn left onto Airlane Road after about 100 yards.
  • Once on Airlane, there are two entrances to the Park both on the right, the first about 500 yards from the access road through the old Airport runways, the second about 800 yards on Dale Avenue.

Google Maps

You can click here to view the Park’s location in Google Maps.

Address for your GPS

Use the intersection of Dale Avenue and Holland Park Road on your GPS

Latitude / Longitude for your GPS

34.552219 N, 92.608067 W

Once at the Park

Bernard Holland Park is home to not only Benton Youth Sports Baseball, but also men’s and women’s softball.  The three fields set apart on the north end of the Park is the home to the softball leagues.  If you enter the Park from the north entrance through the airfield, the softball fields will be directly in front of you.

The eight fields set off to the south end of the Park is home of the Benton Youth Sports Baseball.  Once near the park, you will find ample parking both outside the fenced Park area and inside as well.  There are two entrances into the Park’s fenced area, one to the north and another to the south.  (these entrances into the fenced area of the Park are displayed on the map below as the vehicles in black squares)

Once You’ve Parked

Once you’ve parked, finding the right field is a snap with the color-coded map below.  It is displayed here in thumbnail form, but can be clicked to view in full-size for printing or sharing.  In between Fields 3 and 4 is the concession stand which serves all of the parents, coaches, umpires and players for the baseball area of the Park.

Bernard Holland Park
Satellite imagery courtesy of Google and TeleAtlas.





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